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The Beginning~

After 30 years of trying things my way I have decided to hire a coach to assist me on my weight loss journey. 

I met with Tim Harpley this past week with Trident Sports and he will be my coach to help me find the old me. I know that this road will not be easy, but I am willing to see where this goes. I have reached the point where I am not happy with my current results so I am turning the reins over.

The Beginning ~ Day numero uno

Beginning weight - 215 lbs

1GW - 205 lbs

2GW - 195 lbs

3GW - 185 lbs

4DW - 175 lbs

5GW - 165 lbs

6GW - 155lbs

FGW - 145 lbs

Todays work out - 

I started out on the elliptical machine today with a goal to complete 45 minutes. I only went for 20 ( kind of a let down). I turned on one of my TV shows on Netflix and pounded it out. My feet eventually went numb and I had enough. 

I went to spin class and was drug to a dance fusion class. It was not fun either but I definitely enjoyed making fun of everyone. There is nothing like laughing and being silly with your friends. 

This journey will not be easy, but Peiwen needs me to be as good a person as she is. I need to feel beautiful again, I feel like my beauty is drowned behind all this fat. I will vow to work out in Black everyday — I will celebrate the funeral of every pound of fat that I am getting rid of. 


Emm oh, no no!

Today I’m driving to Missouri to pick up Peiwen. I really don’t mind, I’m kind of excited and plan on stopping in Arkansas and do my work out. I’ll post picks of my track when I do. :) so stoked, its 220 and the plan was to be outta here by 7. Probably not gonna happen. :/

Pass the coffee, fo-real.

So why i feel the need to get up at 720 when I crawled my happy butt into bed at 2-ish, is beyond my education level. Had an awesome banaynay with the nephew this morning. It was a bit messy, especially when I stepped in his piece that he recklessly abandoned in the middle of the floor for a grilled cheese. The nerve of some people — see even my 9 month old nephew knows eating healthy sucks!

Wheres my chapstick??

So todays intake on food started with 

- coffeeeeee

- low fat creamer 

- splenda

- a natures own sandwich round 

- 1 egg / omlet 

- with a cup of broccoli 

- 8 oz glass of water with a tsp of metamucil

To be continued after this short message from who gives a crap! 

Runnin' && Runnin'

  • Soooooo, I recently got the book RYBO ( Run your butt off) , and have been carrying it around with me as though it were my bible. --- I am a runner, well the inner me is a runner, my exterior?? not so much!! Since high school I have gained the freshman 15 times 4 and that is probably being nice about it. With all that weight on my body I still give it a shot every now and then just to prove to myself I still got it.

  • Recently I decided ya know what, I have lived my whole 20's fat, and who is to blame?? Myself. I have also lived my 20's not too concerned with my finances and that has only gotten my in a rut as well. With my finances looking up and nothing left to micro manage, I am finally focusing on myself. Give my body the attention is has needed for years and what better way to spend time with myself than out on a long run. PERFECT right??

  • Yeah right, That is just a 30 minute cussing session where I tend to bitch at myself, or anyone else in a 30 mile radius for that matter. Letting yourself get out of shape is easy, getting your body where you want it to be is HARD AS HAIL!!! lol

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